The death of Turkish secularism

BY SHLOMO AVINERI / Japan TImes / JUL 25, 2016 JERUSALEM – The aftermath of Turkey’s failed military coup raises a fundamental question: Will President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continue to pursue his […]

A new Turkish nightmare set to begin

BESSMA MOMANI Contributed to The Globe and Mail / Published Saturday, Jul. 16, 2016  Bessma Momani is a senior fellow at the Centre for International Governance and Innovation and a professor […]

Is Terrorism Getting Worse?

It depends where you look. URI FRIEDMAN / JUL 14, 2016 / GLOBAL – The Atlantic These days, terrorism seems not just more lethal and more common, but more widespread. The death toll […]

The global fight against Islamic State

Syed Kashif Ali | October 13, 2015 | Daily Times How on earth has a tiny terrorist organisation like IS been able to survive against the most modern and sophisticated air power […]

New Suez Canal is symbol of a new Egypt

Photo Credit: www.bbc.com Expanded waterway, in which the UAE played a vital supporting role, is a historic milestone for the region  August 5, 2015 For decades, the pulse of Egypt has […]

Between virility and debauchery

Khaled Montaser | Egypt Independent | June 29, 2015 When adultery is committed in Egypt and a husband catches his wife red-handed and kills her, the community demands a light […]