Islamic State claims slaying of Arab Israeli ‘spy’ in latest video


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March 11, 2015 / The Washington Post

Islamic State militants released a video late Tuesday that purports to show a child shooting a man the extremists called “an Israeli spy” — an Arab Israeli teenager whose mother said was duped into joining the group and killed because he wanted to return home.

“They took my son, they tricked him. The offered him money, a house and a bride, and he told us he had been lied to and that he was sorry for the disgrace he brought upon our house,” said Hind Musallam, mother of the Mohammad Said Ismail Musallam, 19, who left home four months ago.

The family said they had not watched the video but said they had seen still images and confirmed it was Musallam.

The video appeared on the Islamic State’s Furqan media outlet, and could not be immediately verified. But the source of the video and the style was consistent with previous videos from the extremist group.

The 13-minute video appeared to show Musallam first sitting in a room wearing an orange jumpsuit and describing how he was recruited by the Israel intelligence agency Mossad.

Then Musallam appears kneeling in a field as a bearded militant in camouflage and with his face uncovered speaks in French to the camera. “Allah granted us the grace to kill Jews in France,” he said, a reference to the attacks two months ago in Paris.

Then the militant introduces a boy standing behind Musallam as a “one of our young lions who will kill those sent by the stupid Mossad to spy on the secrets of the religious warriors and the Muslims.”

The boy steps forward and — standing face-to-face with the kneeling Musallam — aims a handgun at his forehead and fires one shot. Musallam crumples to the ground and the boy stands above his prostrate body and fires three more bullets, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” God is great.

Israeli authorities made no official comment on the alleged slaying.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office declined to speak on the matter and did not confirm whether Musallam was an Israeli citizen or a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem.

His parents said Musallam and the whole family were Israeli citizens, originally from the city of Jaffa on the coast near Tel Aviv. The video shows Musallam’s Israeli passport. Arab Israeli comprise about 20 percent of Israel’s population and often complain they are marginalized minority.

The family was gathered Wednesday morning at their modest apartment in the Neve Yaakov section of East Jerusalem, a mixed neighborhood with a majority of Jewish residents and a small but significant number of Arab Israelis. The international community considers Neve Yaakov an illegal settlement on occupied territory. Israel disputes this. Sufian Taha contributed to this report.

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